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Jan 28, 2016 · The Union The Advantages 1. Leadership The Union boasted far more valuable leaders than the Confederacy had. Some of these included Ulysses S. Grant, Philip Sheridan, and of course, Abraham Lincoln. 2. Economy Northern states where in the middle of an industrial revolution at the time the Civil War broke out.

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American Civil War casualties are those soldiers, both Union and Confederate, who died, were wounded, went missing or were captured. The American Civil War was the nation's bloodiest war. The violence in battles such as Shiloh, Antietam, Stones River and Gettysburg shocked everyone in the country, both North and South. It also shocked international observers.

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Use the graph and your knowledge of U.S. history to answer the question. Which of these explains the differences in Union vs. Confederate firearm production during the Civil War? (5 points) The North had a highly skilled labor force to make them. The North's heavy industrialization provided an advantage.

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During the American Civil War, there were numerous armies fighting on each side of the conflict. Both Northern and Southern states did all that they could to gather together their citizens and form armies to fight for their respective causes. The armies which were created were in many cases quite large, sometimes numbering close to or over 100,000 men. These armies fought in some of the fiercest battles in American history. Let's lear…

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Size of the Union and Confederate Armies. There is no accurate means of determining just how many individuals served in the armed forces of either the Federal or Confederate armies. Many educated estimates utilizing official and unofficial figures are available. The figures herein accepted are the result of an extensive study of these estimates.

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The Union had 1.1 million factory workers, while the Confederacy had 111,000 and the Border States had 70,000. The Union had 20,000 miles of railroad compared to 9,000 …

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The challenges that the Union and the Confederacy faced during the Civil War were very different. Critical weaknesses that seemed unfit for war, plagued the opposing American forces, and would serve to be a continuous obstacle that would need to be conquered by patriotism of …

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The hardcover edition, Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War, was published to wide acclaim in 1999. For this new paperback edition, Ragan has revised and updated the text to include the full story of the Hunley's recovery and restoration.

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1. Leadership Advantage According to historical statistics, the Union had more valuable leaders compared to that of the Confederate states. These leaders include Abraham Lincoln, Philip Sheridan, and Ulysses Grant. This has given the Union a more strategic advantage over the Confederacy.2. Economic Stability During the breakout of the Civil War, northern states were within the industrial revolution. This means that they had several advantages over their opponents, such as easier access for su...

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Dec 20, 2016 · 1. Anthem of the (North) Union (Glory Glory Hallelujah) 0:00 2. Anthem of the (South) Confederate (Dixie's Land) 2:00.

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The Union states also had far more population than the Confederate states. This meant that it was easier for the Union to enlist and ready large armies for battle. The weakness of the Union was that it had launched an aggressive war against the South, so the northern armies were not familiar with the terrain and the land when fighting in the South.

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The American Civil War began with the 1861 Confederate attack upon Fort Sumter, a fort in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina which was claimed by both sides. By 1865, after very heavy fighting, largely on Confederate soil, CSA forces were defeated and the Confederacy collapsed.

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The Confederate VS The Union This war where Americans fought each other was transforming for the United States. The South's economy went broke while there …

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